Sunday, December 9, 2018


Shit is getting real. Or at least I imagine it could--real fast! 

I don’t know how I didn’t notice before that the firebrick in the free-standing wood fireplace was damaged and/or missing in back and on the sides! Turns out I need to replace several bricks, and the nearest place to purchase those are over an hour away. Plus, they only have one size in stock and would have to order the right size. And, they only have the sand bricks, not the clay bricks that are recommended by the manufacturer.

Well, I bought a few bricks anyway thinking I could replace them myself. Turns out it’s probably a bit more intimidating a task than I expected. I’m going to have to hire a tech from the store to drive up here to examine and replace bricks for me.

The furnace is sounding wonky to me as well. I’m used to in-floor heating, not forced air and fuel oil. I hear squeaks that don’t sound right, and the thing fires and blows on and off constantly. I can only imagine what it’s going to be like when it gets REALLY cold!

My fear, which is not unfounded, is that both my heating systems fail me when it’s really cold outside. The disaster could be monumental. Freezing pipes and water damage. Not to mention how unpleasant it would get for me and my pets!

So it’s paramount that the systems be in excellent working order NOW. I cannot wait until they fail. There is no one around here to “save” me and no one to call on the spur of the moment who is qualified and capable of fixing whatever goes out.

Nothing that money can’t buy. So as soon as I possibly can, I will be preemptively having my heating systems looked at and serviced.

Fear can sometimes be a life-saver.